How to slow down men’s aging?

According to medical statistics, men’s health is much weaker than women’s – life expectancy in men is lesser, they get sick more often and more severe, they do not tolerate stress well, and their pain threshold is much lower. Men are also less vulnerable in terms of intimacy. They are much more likely than women to become infected with all sorts of sexual infections. Bad ecology, malnutrition, harmful radiation, preservatives, promiscuous sex life, and much more have a negative impact on men’s sexual health. How to slow down men’s aging?

Male physiology is very influenced by all sorts of negative factors, and to be in excellent shape, a man simply needs to be examined regularly, closely monitoring one’s health. In the case of illness, do not delay the treatment; strictly follow all the recommendations of doctors. Most of all, men are prone to negative factors after 45 years. At this age, the organism has almost exhausted the resources of protection and the body has practically lost its protection – immunity.

Charges in the preservation of health in the genital area after 45

Move more – do walking, jogging, squats and so on, because blood circulation and an entire metabolism in the small pelvis and, therefore, in the representative gland, depend on the movement. By the way, all kinds of exercises in which the pelvic region is involved have a positive effect on the urinary system and, of course, on the genital system. Just taking the pill, such as Cialis, Levitra, and other analogs from pharmacies, may not be enough – you will have to maintain your health in all possible ways. Regular physical exercise will help the body not forget how to react to exercises, because, in fact, sex is the same physical load. There is an optimal set of exercises, which is easy to perform at any age but which involves all muscles at once and allows you to stay in tonus.

There are several effective exercises:

  • in the sitting position, spread your arms in different directions, stretch them, then start sagging, feeling how the muscles of the pelvis move. Do the exercise 5-6 times
  • in standing position, lift one leg and put it on a chair, bend over, bending the leg to the point of failure in the knee joint. Do the exercise 5-6 times on one leg and on the other
  • standing straight, do inclines not taking your hands off your torso in different directions. Do the exercise 5-6 times
  • in the supine position on the back, bend your knees, clasp your arms, release, lie back again. Do the exercise 9-10 times
  • in the supine position, place one hand on the chest, the second on the abdomen, do deep breathing exercises, controlling the movements of the body with your hands. Do these exercises 5-6 times
  • do squats, stretching your arms forward with each movement. At a time, do about 10-12 sit-ups
  • do stretching exercises and train your flexibility
  • lying on your back, perform the press exercises.

These simple exercises will help you stay young with your body for a long time and have much less troubles with your intimate life!

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